Fresh Appeal is an innovative, leading-edge provider of disinfection and life extension technology to the high growth fresh produce industry. Established in 2002, Fresh Appeal continues to develop commercialized technology.

Fresh Appeal is committed to providing robust, quality solutions through design and development of new and novel functional foods and processes, that offer benefits to human health and wellbeing.

At Fresh Appeal we see ourselves as an integrated part of our clients' business. We constantly strive to innovate and have developed an integrated research and discovery platform, to identify areas of improvement for the processing of fresh cut produce. We commercialize our technology in close cooperation with key partners within our industry.


We are committed to excellence in Customer Service. We apply technology in a way that interacts with, and supports our clients. All technical support information is available within a secure intranet solution. You have peace of mind with our experienced field service engineers manning and coordinating our help desk and customer care function.

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